Contract parking

We offer contract parking in Länsi-Pasila and Itä-Pasila for both residents and business customers in the area. Contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

Contract parking garages

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Frequently asked questions

Yes you can. We have charging facilities for hybrid/electric car users in all our halls.

Charging is done via the eParking app and prices are €0.20/kWh for slow charging points (3.6 kW)

and €0.30/kWh for medium-speed (22 kW) charging points.

You can check if your housing association address is on our list here.

For commercial properties, please contact our customer service here.

You can fill in our resident parking form here or contact our customer service by email You can also visit our office during our opening hours.

In all our halls, the import of a trailer or any kind of trailer is prohibited.

Our technology does not support a two-piece vehicle.

Unfortunately, our facilities are not fully accessible. If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact our customer service.

Weekly parking can be purchased in advance by contacting us by email

We require written notice of termination either to the following address or by filling in the form on our website here. You can find the period of notice in the terms and conditions of your contract.

In Halle you can get a receipt only from separate cash desks.

If you need a receipt afterwards, please contact our customer service.

The card is renewable for €25.

Please contact us to renew your card.

For a refund of the double payment, please contact the customer service of the application in question.

Moovy:, 03 3878 222

Parkman:, 09 427 20960

For businesses


120 €/month

For businesses

Price for operators other than those operating in our condominiums

160 €/month

Residents' parking

For residents of condominiums

41 €/month

Motorcycle parking space

For residents of condominiums

31 €/month

*VAT 24% will be added to the prices for commercial parking customers.

Electricity and hybrid car charging

Electric and hybrid cars can be charged in all parking garages in Pasila. There are both low-speed (3.6 kW) and medium-speed (22 kW) charging points. Charging is controlled by an eParking app installed on your phone.

Slow charging points can also be used to heat your car. Heating works with the same eParking application

The parking spaces marked with charging plates are intended primarily for the use of cars using the charging system.

Prices 2023:

Slow charging 0,20 € / kWh
Medium fast charging 0,30 € / kWh

Download the eParking app from the App Store or Google Play.