P-Chamber of Finance

The P-Rahakamar has 225 parking spaces. Entrance and exit from the Rahakamar Gate. Elevator and stairs to the Mint Gate. 

Open 24h
Electric car charging point

Park at P-Rahakamar!

The P-Rahakamar has 225 parking spaces. No trailers are allowed in the hall. The hall has charging facilities for electric and hybrid cars. Short-term and contract parking.

Pasila Station, Mall of TRIPLA, Helsinki Central Police Station, YLE studio, Aurora Hospital, Linnanmäki, Hotel Scandic Pasila, Central Park.

Free height 2.10 m. In parking spaces, the free height may be lower. We recommend driving into the box with the bow in front.

Entry and exit from the Mint Gate. Elevator and stairs to the Treasury Gate.

Charging electric cars with eParking

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Driving in and out

We do not currently offer weekly parking

We are currently not offering weekly parking due to a system change in July and August.

Hourly rates

Mon-Fri 06-18

2 €/ Hour

Other times

1 €/ Hour

*The price is always based on the starting hour.

Daily pricing

1 day

17 €

2 days

25 €

3 days

33 €

Extended days


 *Only continuous parking without exit is charged per day.

Contract parking

Business space

For those working in our condominiums in Länsi-Pasila.

120 €/month

Business space

Price for other companies

160 €/month

Place of residence

For residents of condominiums

41 €/month

Motorcycle parking space

For residents of condominiums

31 €/month

*VAT 24% will be added to the prices for commercial parking customers.

Payment methods

Card payment

Use your payment card at check-in. On your way out, you can either pay at a payment machine or at the boom on your way out. The last 4 digits of your payment card act as a PIN code at the pedestrian doors.

E-Parking (Electric car charging)

You can charge hybrid/electric cars in all our halls using the eParking app. Prices are €0.20/kWh for low-speed charging points (3.6 kW) and €0.30/kWh for medium-speed charging points (22 kW).