Access codes

As a contract customer, you can choose to use a badge, pin code or car registration plate camera recognition, or all options if you wish.

  • Access card: the access card is valid at all pedestrian entrances and exits to and from the designated contract hall. Display the card on the pin code keypad from a distance of approximately 2 cm. Hold the card in place for a moment to allow the device to read the card. The card can be returned to our office during our opening hours or left in the mailbox at the front door of our office.
  • Pin code: instead of a card, you can use a pin code that works on all pedestrian doors in the designated hall, as well as on entry and exit. Enter the code on the pin code keypad, it is a good idea to add a # after the numbers to make the door open faster.
  • Registration number: If you have given your Finnish registration number to the office's customer service(, you can enter and exit the car using the camera recognition on the registration plate. Camera recognition works if the number plate is clean, your speed is low enough and you keep a sufficient distance from the car in front. You should always carry a pin code or access card in case of problems with the number plate recognition.

If you have problems with identification, please contact the control room using the button on the entry/exit device. Customer service is always on call at the control room. As a contract customer, never use your own debit or credit card for authentication.

Debit and credit cards are only used for identification and payment for short-term parking.